Using passe compose with avoir or etre
Ashley Duff
Writing paragraphs, transition words.
Ashley Duff

French adjectives:
Placement and practice
Ashley Duff

France and its surrounding European countries
Ashley Duff

French-speaking countries in West Africa
Ashley Duff

French-speaking countries in North Africa
Ashley Duff

French-speaking countries in Central Africa
Ashley Duff

Ideas for using the SMART board
Center School District
Jigsaw Planet
Jigsaw puzzle for the SMART board

French days of the week and their origins
Angela / SMART

Tic Tac Toe
Monique Voss
Smart exchange

SMART board attendance
Julie, Smart

An intro to an open source French textbook for
beginning students
Mary Drouillard

Review game for French greetings
Mary Drouillard
Help with SMART activities
Ways FL teachers can use SMART activities


Contact 817.917.7260

Jeff Peterson (instructional technology)
search lcisd on SMART exchange

extreme collaboration -- an add-on for SMART notebook that allows students to interact with the SMART board using any internet device!
Once you download it, it appears in your activity builder (puzzle piece) in the Gallery.
Lesson plans and resources
French lessons and resources
Magicstudio -- make interactive activities that can be used on the SMART board