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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” --Nelson Mandela

“French is the only language, with English, that is taught in every country of the world, with 100 million students and 2 million teachers, 20% of whom are outside of francophone countries”

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Typing French accents
Verb & Vocab practice
French and France
French activities
Poster Yourself
Chez Mimi
Roll Call
French/English Dictionary
Dictionnaire française
accent marks
la météo
Le Figaro
summer classes and advanced courses
Flashcard Friends
Verb conjugator
How to cite social media
Tex's French Grammar
Giving directions in French
Languages Online

Student living abroad
Screen capture

Make a French comic!

Test Europe geography
Flags of the European Union

Verb practice
Plagiarism Policy

Alliance Francaise Detroit
Past poems

Europe geography puzzle
Visual vocabulary

grammaire française pour tout le monde
dictionnaire multifonctions

speaking/oral practice
Race -- regions of France

Virtual Space

Pays Francophones
Standards for FL learning

I Corinthiens 13
Movie Monday

Reilly's website
Grammar practice

Great resources
National Standards pt 1

National Standards pt 2
Espaces wiki

2011-12Trimester Calendar
Make a French cartoon

Flickr pictures for projects
VHL technical issues

The Euro
copying and creativity

Scavenger Hunt.pdf
pictures for projects


Check your French grade on netclassroom
class activities / projects



Our Summer trip to Quebec & Montreal!

Quebec & Montreal 2011 from M Drouillard on Vimeo.

Click here to see the Quebec trip through the eyes of a student from Adams H.S.

Our School!

Notre Père qui es aux cieux,
que ton nom soit sanctifié,
que ton règne vienne,
que ta volonté soit faite sur la terre comme au ciel.
Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour.
Pardonne-nous nos offenses,
comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés.
Et ne nous soumets pas à la tentation,
mais délivre-nous du Mal.

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