Mon emploi du temps

Create your own emploi du temps.


1. Click
2. Scroll down to the bar above the cat picture and choose which illustration you want on your emploi du temps.
3. For nombre de jours, choose 5 (we have 5 days of school a week)
4. For nombre d'heures, choose 9 (we have 8 class hours in a day plus lunch)
5. Your French first name (prenom)
6. It says classe, but put your last name in this box.
7. Click "initialiser l'emploi du temps"
8. On the spaces at the left, put the times of your classes as follows:
a. 7h45 à 8h30
b. 8h35 à 9h20
c. 9h25 à 10h10
d. 10h15 à 11h00
e. 11h00 à 11h25
f. 11h30 à 12h15
g. 12h20 à 13h05
h. 13h10 à 13h55
i. 14h00 à 14h45
9. Fill in your schedule of classes in French. For block days, use two periods.
10. Click "créer l'emploi du temps" at bottom of schedule
11. Click "imprimer l'emploi du temps" to print.
12. Add color (colored pencils)