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I. Verbs

  • -er verbs like aimer
  • -re verbs like attendre
  • vouloir
  • faire
  • avoir
  • pouvoir
  • prendre
  • aller
  • meanings

II. Vocabulaire

  • relatives w possessive adjectives ex. MON ONCLE
  • posession ex. Gusteau's restaurant = le restaurant de Gusteau
  • answering questions about your family
  • introducing people to an adult
  • introducing people to a child
  • describing people (adjective agreement)
  • asking for permission
  • giving permission
  • chores
  • saying what you need
  • foods, the partitive
  • quantities
  • sending someone to shop
  • using "en"
  • Which one happened in the past?

III. Culture

  • Social welfare in France: how do they take care of their citizens?
  • Shopping in the Cote d'Ivoire
  • food
  • making phone calls

IV. Writing

  • Write your French penpal a letter in French. Tell them your name, age, (ask their name and age). Tell them about your family – names, ages and what they are like (adjectives). Tell two household chores you do and one you don’t do, (ask what chores they do).